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  1. general
  2. familiar

1. general

fool (also: ass, dolt, numbskull)
Only a fool would pretend to know what sort of emergencies a prime minister will face.
Il faudrait être sot pour prétendre savoir à quel type d'urgences un premier ministre peut être confronté.
She must think I'm such a fool.
fool (also: clown)

2. familiar

bouffon {m} [fam.]

Context sentences for "fool" in French

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Englishlooking a fool never killed anyone
Englishonly a fool knows no fear
la crainte est le commencement de la sagesse
Englishthere is no fool like an old fool
il n'y a pire imbécile qu'un vieil imbécile
Englishto feel a fool
EnglishNo man is a fool always, every one some times
Nul qui soit fou toujours, nul qui ne le soit parfois
EnglishNought but a fool I will hint call, that writes his name upon a wall
On ne voit sur les murailles, que le nom de la canaille
Englisha fool and his money are soon parted
EnglishApril Fool's Day
Englishhe's nobody's fool
Englishthe biggest fool
Englishto fool around
Englishto fool oneself
Englishyou can't fool me
EnglishYou silly fool!
Englishto play the fool