peck {noun}
bec · bise · bcot · coup de bec · bisou

to peck {verb}
picorer · becqueter

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peck: nag · hen-peck · pick at

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English-French translation for "peck"


"peck" French translation

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peck {noun}

peck {noun} (also: buss)

bec {m} [Can.]

to peck out

arracher à coups de bec

to peck at

donner un coup de bec à

peck {noun} (also: kiss, air kiss, smacker)

bise {f}

peck {noun} (also: kiss)

bcot {m}

peck {noun}

to peck at

donner un coup de bec à

peck {noun} (also: kiss, nip, shneck)

bisou {m}

to peck {verb}

to peck [pecked|pecked] {v.t.} (also: to peck about)

to peck [pecked|pecked] (at) {v.i.}

becqueter [becquetant|becqueté] (picoter) {v.t.}


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