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peck {noun}

peck {noun} (also: buss)

bec {m} [Can.]

to peck at

donner un coup de bec à

peck {noun} (also: kiss, air kiss)

bise {f}

peck {noun} (also: kiss)

bécot {m}

peck {noun} (also: kiss, nip, shneck)

bisou {m}

peck {noun}

to peck at

donner un coup de bec à

to peck {verb}

to peck [pecked|pecked] {v.t.} (also: to peck about)

to peck [pecked|pecked] (at) {v.i.}

becqueter [becquetant|becqueté] (picoter) {v.t.}


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The issue of housing is one of the most pressing issues in the pecking order of living needs.

Le logement est l’ un des enjeux les plus urgents dans la hiérarchie des besoins vitaux.

One crow does not peck the other's eyes out.

Un corbeau n'arrache pas les yeux de l'autre.

by T. J. Peck and E. G. Richards Summary

J. Peck et E. G. Richards (Résumé)

PECK, Connie: Organizations and Cooperation in Conflict Prevention: Strategic Management and Coordination.

PECK, Connie: Organizations and Cooperation in Conflict Prevention: Strategic Management and Coordination. In J. Ginifer, E.B.

This task was entrusted to Mr. T. Peck who had drafted an outline which is reproduced in annex I of document TIM/EFC/WP.1/2003/7.

Cette tâche a été confiée à M. Peck, qui avait établi un plan reproduit à l'annexe I du document TIM/EFC/WP.1/2003/7.

T. J. Peck and E. G. Richards.

T. J. Peck et E. G. Richards.

Running On Empty 7. How Did Defence Fall So Low in Canada’s Pecking Order? 8. New Threats at Hand. 9. Traditional Threats Persist 10.

8. Les nouvelles menaces 9. Les menaces traditionnelles persistent 10.

One of you will again give his lord (the king) wine to drink. ~~~ As to the other, he will be hanged, and birds will peck at his head.

L'un de vous donnera du vin à boire à son maître; quant à l'autre, il sera crucifié, et les oiseaux mangeront de sa tête.

Connie Peck, editor, op.

Connie Peck (dir. publ.

Ms. Peck Yew Yin Eunice

Mme Peck Yew Yin Eunice

Without any protection from the State, child detainees find themselves at the bottom of the internal pecking order, prone to exploitation by others.

Sans la protection de l'État, les enfants détenus se retrouvent au plus bas de la hiérarchie interne, sujets à toutes les exploitations.

See Connie Peck, editor, On Being a Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Geneva, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, 2006.

publ. ), On Being a Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Genève, Institut des Nations Unies pour la formation et la recherche, 2006.

A plastics artist from the Territory, James Peck, exhibited pictures with landscapes and birds of the Territory in an art gallery of Puerto Madryn (Argentina) on 14 June 2003.

Un artiste de l'archipel, James Peck, a exposé ses peintures de paysages et d'oiseaux des îles dans une galerie d'art de Puerto Madryn (Argentine), le 14 juin 2003.

The report on the preliminary results of the “TBFRA-2000 Use and Policy Implications” Survey was presented by Mr. Tim Peck (EFI).

Le rapport concernant les résultats préliminaires de l'enquête sur l'utilisation de la TBFRA-2000 et ses incidences en matière de politique générale a été présenté par M. Tim Peck (IEF).

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