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to sign on (also: to bind oneself, to make a contract, to plight, to sign up)
to sign on (also: to enrol, to register, to sign up, to subscribe)
Why aren't they rushing to sign up if it is such a good deal?''
Pourquoi ne se précipitent-ils pas tous pour s'inscrire si c'est une si bonne affaire ?
to sign on for unemployment benefit
to sign up for unemployment benefit
to sign on (also: to empanel, to engage, to hire, to take on)
Some are asked to sign a statement promising not to engage in any political activity.
Certains doivent s'engager sous serment à ne jamais participer à une activité de nature politique.
People were being asked to sign pledges that they would not do so again.
On a également demandé aux manifestants de s'engager par écrit à ne plus agir de la sorte.
I want to sign him up for the New York Opera Company.
Je veux I'engager dans Ia troupe de I'Opéra de New York.
to sign on (also: to sign up)
to sign on (also: to employ, to hire, to take on)

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