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"skunk" French translation

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skunk {noun}

skunk {noun}

skunk {noun} [zool.] (also: polecat, fitch)

putois {m} [zool.]

to skunk {verb}

to skunk (defeat) {v.t.} [Amer.] (also: to piss on)

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Toronto lawyers do not usually face rabid skunks walking on to their property.

Les avocats de Toronto n'ont pas l'habitude de rencontrer des mouffettes atteintes de rage sur leurs terrains.

I'm going to skunk you, Demon!

Je vais te défoncer, Démon !

to be as drunk as a skunk

avoir une cuite carabinée

Then again many farmers in Saskatchewan would argue that a Toronto lawyer is a rabid skunk.

Par ailleurs, un avocat de Toronto pourrait bien faire figure, aux yeux de nombreux agriculteurs de la Saskatchewan, de mouffette enragée.

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