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sleep apnea {noun}

sleep apnea {noun} [med.]

apnée du sommeil {f} [med.]

to sleep {verb}

to sleep [slept|slept] {vb} (also: to be asleep, to get some sleep, to have some sleep, to be sleeping)

This way, my fellow citizens will be able to sleep more soundly in the future.

Voilà pourquoi mes concitoyens pourront dormir plus tranquilles à l'avenir.

I do not know how the Liberal backbenchers over there can sleep at night.

Je me demande comment font les députés libéraux d'arrière-ban pour dormir le soir.

When you was a little kid, you used to sleep in that fireman's helmet.

Quand tu étais petit, tu avais l'habitude de dormir avec ce casque de pompier.

Guards were alleged to have forcibly deprived the hunger strikers of sleep by making noise.

Les gardiens auraient empêché les grévistes de la faim de dormir en faisant du bruit.

One young woman who was unable to sleep for months shared her experience

faire plus ample connaissance. Une jeune femme qui ne pouvait dormir
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