×Infinitive of was frosting: frost


frost {noun}
gel · gelée · givre

to frost {verb}

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frost: ice · freeze · icing

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English-French translation for "was frosting"

Infinitive of was frosting: frost

"was frosting" French translation

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frost {noun}

frost {noun} (also: freeze, freezing cold, winterkill)

gel {m}

frost {noun} (also: freezing cold, jello, aspic, marrowbone jelly)

gelée {f}

frost {noun} (also: hoarfrost, hoar, hoar frost)

givre {m}

to frost {verb}

to frost [frosted|frosted] {vb} (also: to ice over, to ice up, to frost up)

I was frosting (Past continuous)

je givrais (Indicatif imparfait)

he/she/it was frosting (Past continuous)

il/elle givrait (Indicatif imparfait)
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