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"flake" German translation

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flake {noun}

flake (of fish's flesh) {noun} (also: wedge, unit, stretch, part)

Stück {n}

flake {noun} (also: flock, fleck, lock, scale)

Flocke {f}

And I cut off a little flake of gold.

Und ich Schnitt eine kleine Flocke Gold ab.

The snow was falling in large flakes.

Der Schnee fiel in großen Flocken herab.

These white pearlescent flakes hit the noodles, this haunting, wonderful, nutty, mushroomy smell wafted up. 10 seconds passed and it was gone.

Diese weißen, perlmuttarttigen Flocken treffen auf die Nudeln, dieser eindringliche, wundervolle, nussige, pilzige Duft stieg empor. ~~~ 10 Sekunden vergingen, und es war weg.

flake (of metal) {noun} (also: sliver, splinter, chipping, chip)

Span {m}

flake (of pastry, rust) {noun} (also: crumb, small crumb)

Krümel {m}

flake {noun} (also: leaflet)

flake (drugs) {noun} [slg.]

Heroin {f}

flake {noun} (also: rag, shred, scrap, snatch)

Fetzen {m}

flake {noun} [Amer.] [coll.] (also: crank, spinner, screwball, kook)

Spinner {m}

flake {noun} (also: shiver, chip, fragment, sliver)

Kanzi chooses a flake he thinks is sharp enough.

Kanzi wählt einen Splitter aus, den er für scharf genug hält.

flake {noun}

Niete (Versager) {f} [fig.]

flake (of chocolate, coconut) {noun} (also: grater, rasp, shredder)

Raspel {f}

flake (tobacco) {noun}

Flake {m}

flake {noun} [gastro.]

Kokosraspel {f} [gastro.]

flake {noun}

Schuppe {f}

flake (shark as food) {noun}

Seeaal {m}

flake {noun} [gastro.] [Austr.]

Haifischfleisch {n} [gastro.]

flake {noun} (also: bit of fluff)

Flöckchen (Schneeflöckchen) {n}

flake (of plaster) {noun} (also: bit, small piece, morsel)

flake {noun} [slg.]

flake {noun} [construct.]

Flintabschlag {m} [construct.]

flake {noun}

to flake {verb}

blättern [blätterte|geblättert] (zerfallen) {v.i.}

to flake [flaked|flaked] {v.t.} (also: to have flaking skin)

to flake [flaked|flaked] {vb} (also: to spall, to exfoliate, to peel away)

Flake {noun}

flake (tobacco) {noun}

Flake {m}

Flak {noun}

ack-ack {noun} [mil.] [coll.]

Flak {m} [mil.]

AA gun {noun} [mil.]

Flak {f} [mil.]

flak (gun) {noun} [mil.]

Flak {f} [mil.]


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And out the end of that part of the process come little flakes of plastic: one type, one grade.

Und am Schluss dieses Teils des Prozesses kommen kleine Kunststofflfocken heraus, ein Typ, eine Qualität.

Skin flakes off, hairs grow, nails, that kind of stuff.

Haut blättert ab, Haare wachsen, Nägel, all das Zeug.

Fullerenes, graphene flakes and single wall carbon nanotubes with one or more external dimensions below 1 nm should be considered as nanomaterials.

Fullerene, Graphenflocken und einwandige Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhren mit einem oder mehreren Aussenmassen unter 1 nm sind als Nanomaterialien zu betrachten;

He asked him if he wanted organic Toasted O's or the sugarcoated flakes -- you know, the one with the big striped cartoon character on the front.

Er fragte ihn, ob er lieber organische "Toasted O"s oder die mit Zucker überzogenen Cornflakes, also die mit dem großen Comic auf der Vorderseite haben wolle.

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