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genitalia (also: parts, genitals)

Genitalien {noun}

Orchids emerged, genitalia shaped to lure insects... a trick shared by the largest flower on Earth.

Orchideen entstanden und bildeten Genitalien zum Anlocken von Insekten aus.

genitalia [zool.]

genitalia {noun}

genitalia {noun} (also: genital)

genitalia {noun}

Genitalia {pl}

Genitalia {noun}

genitalia {noun}

Genitalia {pl} (also: Geschlechtsorgane)
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One hundred and thirty million women throughout the world have had their genitalia mutilated and that a further 2 million women a year are exposed to such practices.

130 Millionen Frauen in der ganzen Welt sind Genitalverstümmelungen zugefügt worden, und jedes Jahr müssen zwei Millionen diese Handlung über sich ergehen lassen.

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