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hump {noun}

hump (mound) {noun} (also: hillock, heap, pile, mound)

Hügel {m}

Then there was more of a hump.

Damals gab es einen größeren Hügel.

There's a little hump here.

Es gibt einen kleinen Hügel hier.

hump {noun} [zool.] (also: hunch)

Kamelhöcker {m} [zool.]

hump (mound) {noun} [rail.]

Ablaufberg {m} [rail.]


hump (also: bump, hunch, cusp)

Höcker {m}

My hump contains up to 80 lbs. of fat -- but doesn't store H2O.

Mein Höcker enthält bis zu 40 kg Fett – speichert aber kein Wasser.

Ogden Nash once wrote: "the camel has a single hump; the dromedary two, or else the other way around.

Ogden Nash schrieb einst: "Zwei Höcker hat ein Dromedar und ein Kamel nur einen. Oder ist es doch andersrum?

And my hump?

Und mein Höcker?

hump (also: stud, hunch, hunchback, stoop)

Buckel {m}

to hump one's back

einen Buckel machen

to hump up

zu einem Buckel krümmen

hump (also: obstacle, fence, hiccup, hitch)

hump [Brit.] (also: melancholy, gloom, mood of dejection, doldrums)

hump (also: excrescence, outgrowth, negative spin-off, excesses)

hump [Brit.]

hump (also: rise, hillock)

hump [Brit.] (also: bad temper, bad mood, spleen)

to hump {verb}

to hump {vb} (also: to absorb, to carry, to defray, to sustain)

to hump {vb} [vulg.] (also: to fuck, to shag, to poke, to knock up)

ficken {vb} [vulg.]

to hump {vb} (also: to drag, to haul, to lug, trail)

We humped over the Cordillera three times...... all the way to the Colombian border and back.

Wir schleppten uns dreimal über die Cordillera bis zur kolumbianischen Grenze und zurück.

to hump {vb} (also: to screw, to root, to knock up)

vögeln {vb}

to hump {vb} (also: to root, to knock up)

poppen {vb}

to hump {vb} (also: to screw, to root, to knock up)

pimpern {vb}

to hump {vb} (also: to screw, to root, to knock up)

to hump {vb} (also: to screw, to root, to knock up)

to hump



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Except for their humping, Tyler and Marla were never in the same room.

Abgesehen von ihrem Rammeln waren Tyler und Marla nie im selben Zimmer.

So, you know, for years I would go to bars and, sort of, anyone I met whose name was Eric I was humping immediately, or something.

Also ging ich jahrelang in Bars und habe jeden, der Eric hieß, sofort besprungen.

And these becos are normally very crowded, and people hump furniture up them, or refrigerators up them, all sorts of things.

Und diese Becos sind normalerweise ziemlich überfüllt und die Leute hieven Möbel hinauf, oder Kühlschränke, alle Arten von Gegenständen.

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