English-German translation for "over there"

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over there {adv.}

EN over there

over there

Context sentences for "over there" in German

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Englishto be over the worst
Englishto be over the hump
Englishover sand and mud bottoms
Englishto take great pains over
Englishto put a question mark over sth.
Englishto drool over sth.
Englishto trample all over so./sth.
Englishgold over nickel base
Englishto turn over in one's grave
Englishto bowl over
Englishcourse over the ground
Englishlength over buffers
Englishto keel over
EnglishThe children kicked over the traces.
EnglishIt's all over town..
EnglishThe show is over.
EnglishEnglish is spoken all over the world.