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"preterite" German translation

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preterite (also: past, foretime, yesterdays)

preterite {noun}

preterite {noun} [ling.] (also: past tense, preterit, preterite tense, preterit tense)

Präteritum {n} [ling.]

preterite {adjective}

preterite {adj.} [ling.] (also: preterit)

Präteritums… {adj.} [ling.]

preterit {noun}

preterit {noun} [ling.] [Amer.] (also: preterite, past tense, preterite tense, preterit tense)

Präteritum {n} [ling.]

preterit {adjective}

preterit {adj.} [ling.] [Amer.] (also: preterite)

Präteritums… {adj.} [ling.]
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Synonyms (English) for "preterite":

Synonyms (English) for "preterit":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "preterite" in German

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I believe that History is not only written as a narrative using the preterite tense.

Ich meine, Geschichte ist nicht nur eine in der Vergangenheitsform geschriebene Erzählung.

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