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English-German translation for "tickling"


"tickling" German translation

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tickling (also: scrabbling, crawling)

tickling (also: tingling, creepy-crawly, crawly, pricking)

tickling (also: titillating, titillative)

to tickle {verb}

to tickle [tickled|tickled] {vb} (also: to titillate)

tickling (Present participle)

kitzelnd (Partizip Präsens)

to tickle [tickled|tickled] {vb} (also: to tingle, to prick, to itch, to prickle)

tickling (Present participle)

kribbelnd (Partizip Präsens)
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Synonyms (English) for "tickling":

Synonyms (English) for "tickle":


Usage examples

Usage examples for "tickling" in German

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Nicole: Three -- KB: Like a tickling sensation?

Nicole: Drei -- KB: Wie ein Kitzelgefühl?

The second question - and I think this is dealing with the problem in depth rather than tickling the surface - is to tackle the cause of all these events.

Zweitens müssen wir uns mit der Ursache dieser Geschehnisse auseinandersetzen -und hier müssen wir den Dingen wirklich auf den Grund gehen, um nicht an der Oberfläche zu bleiben-.

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