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"tonic" German translation

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tonic (also: enhanced, accents, punctuated, accentuates)

tonic (also: tonic water)

Tonic {n}

Tequila and tonic.

Tequila und Tonic.

Where's the tonic?

Wo ist die Tonic?

tonic [med.]

anregend [med.]

tonic (also: fortifier, restorative, pick-me-up)

tonic (also: strengthening, stiffening, fortifying, nerving)

tonic [med.]

Tonikum {n} [med.]

tonic [mus.]

Tonika {f} [mus.]

tonic [gastro.] (also: tonic water)

Tonicwater {n} [gastro.]

tonic [mus.]

Grundton... [mus.]

tonic {adjective}

tonic {adj.} [med.]

wohltuend (Wirkung) {adj.} [med.]

tonic {adj.} [med.]

kräftigend {adj.} [med.]

Food supplements can be a tonic or a health aid.

Nahrungsergänzungen können kräftigend oder gesundheitsfördernd sein.

tonic {noun}

tonic (invigorating influence) {noun} [fig.]

Wohltat {f} [form.]

Tonic {noun}

Tonic {n} (also: Stärkungsmittel, betont, stärkend, tonisch)


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Drink this tonic.

Nimm diesen Trank.

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