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"turd" German translation

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turd {noun}

turd (person) {noun} [vulg.] (also: buttocks, rump, fucker, arse)

Arsch {m} [vulg.]

turd {noun}

turd (lump of excrement) {noun} [vulg.]

Scheißhaufen {m} [vulg.]

turd {noun} [vulg.] (also: shit)

Kotzbrocken {m} [vulg.]


turd (also: shit)

Kacke {f}

turd (also: shite)

turd (also: son of a bitch, bastard, shithead)

turd (also: son of a bitch, bastard, shithead)

turd (also: son of a bitch, bastard, shithead, shit)

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I'm swimming along and see a floating turd.

Ich schwimme und auf einmal sehe ich...

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