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EN with love

with love (also: best wishes, Best regards, Kind regards)

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with preposition
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to love

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Englishlove with a capital L
Englishlove at first sight
Englishlove at first glance
EnglishIs it love or just a game?
EnglishHe's head over heels in love.
EnglishHe fell in love with her.
EnglishLucky at cards, unlucky in love.
EnglishAll is fair in love and war.
In der Liebe und im Krieg ist alles erlaubt.
EnglishLive fast, love hard, die young.
EnglishThe eyes of love are blind.
EnglishLove is blind.
EnglishLove and understanding are seldom found together.
Liebe und Verstand gehen selten Hand in Hand.
EnglishWhen poverty comes in, love flies out.
EnglishThere's no love lost between them.
EnglishShe's head over heels in love.
EnglishThey love one another.
EnglishWe play for love.
EnglishIWALU : I will always love you!