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life {noun}

life {noun} (also: affair, communication, custom, dealings)

व्यवहार [vyavahaar] {m}

life {noun} (also: behaviour, character, conduct, dealings)

आचरण [aacharan] {m}

life {noun} (also: being, existence, going, verve)

जीवन [jeevan] {m}

life {noun} (also: biography)

जीवनी [jeevni] {f}

life {noun} (also: breath, vitality, soul)

प्राण [praan] {m}

life {noun} (also: entity, existence, standing, subsistence)

life {noun}

life {noun}

जान [jaan] {f}

life {noun}

जीवन चरित्र [jeevan charitra] {m}

life {noun}

आयुर्बल [aayurbal] {m}

life {noun}

जीवन का ढंग [jeevan ka dhang] {m}


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