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English-Italian translation for "bad-ass"


"bad-ass" Italian translation

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bad-ass {adjective}

bad-ass {adj.} [slg.]

prepotente {adj. m/f}

bad-ass {adj.} (also: badass)

pessimo {adj. m} [slg.]

bad-ass {adj.} (also: badass)

odioso {adj. m} [slg.]

bad-ass {adj.} (also: badass)

sgradevole {adj. m} [slg.]

bad-ass {adj.} (also: badass)

tosto {adj. m} [slg.]

bad-ass {adj.} (also: badass)

micidiale {adj. m/f} [slg.]

bad-ass {adj.} (also: badass)

massiccio {adj. m} [slg.]
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And "Art of the Streets" is going to have pretty much the bad-asses of the street art scene -- Banksy, Shepard Fairey, KAWS -- all of these guys will be there.

E "Art of the Streets" avrà molti dei più tosti personaggi della scena dell'arte di strada -- Banksy, Shepard Fairey, CAWs -- tutti questi ci saranno.

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