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English-Italian translation for "bulge"


"bulge" Italian translation

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bulge {noun}

bulge {noun} [form.] (also: protuberance, bump)

bulge {noun} [form.] (also: raise, rise, protuberance, bump)

bulge {noun} [form.] (also: swelling, bump, protuberance)

bulge {noun} [form.] (also: protuberance, bump)

bulge {noun} [naut.] (also: clew)

bugna {f} [naut.]

to bulge {verb}

to bulge [bulged|bulged] {v.i.} (also: to protude, to extend, to protrude, to jut)

sporgere {v.i.}


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Usage examples

Usage examples for "bulge" in Italian

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If you press on a hose pipe in a sealed system, it bulges someplace else.

Se premete su un tubo di gomma in un sistema sigillato, si gonfia in un altro punto.

Her muscles bulging in her forehead when she winces like that.

I muscoli che si rigonfiano sulla fronte quando fa quella smorfia.

in writing. - (NL) The battle against the bulge must start from a young age.

La battaglia contro il sovrappeso deve iniziare precocemente.

(Laughter) Then, looking up in the turret, you see there are bulges and pokes and sags and so forth.

(Risate) Poi, guardando su verso la torretta, si vedono protuberanze e spunzoni e avvallamenti e così via.

The battle against the bulge transcends borders.

La lotta alla pancia va oltre le frontiere.

You plunder the countries of the Third World and complain about the economic migrants who make capitalists' wallets bulge.

Saccheggiate i paesi del Terzo mondo e vi lamentate degli immigranti economici che fanno arricchire i capitalisti.

If that some place else where it bulges is inside the biggest nerve in your body, your brain, you get a vascular migraine.

Se quest'altro punto dove si gonfia è dentro al nervo più grande del vostro corpo, il cervello,

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