English-Italian translation for "Eric"

EN Eric Italian translation

Eric {pr.n.}

ITEric English translation

Eric {pr.n.}

EN Eric
{proper noun}

Mr Eric Rouleau, the former French Ambassador, speaks of a slow-motion genocide.
Eric Rouleau, ex ambasciatore francese, parla di genocidio al rallentatore.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a practical practitioner of this philosophy.
Il CEO di Google, Eric Schmidt, è un fautore attivo di questa filosofia.
Eric Johanson: What we have here is a tank on the other side of the stage.
Eric Johanson: Quello che abbiamo qui è un contenitore all'altro lato del palco.

Context sentences for "Eric" in Italian

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EnglishThen you harvest the seeds -- and thank you, Eric Rasmussen, for your help on this -- and then you're harvesting the seed garden.
E ho finito per coltivare un giardino di semi.
EnglishEric Whitacre: Thank you very, very much.
EnglishEric Whitacre: I was thunderstruck.