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English-Italian translation for "to molest"


"to molest" Italian translation

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to molest {verb}

to molest [molested|molested] {v.t.} (also: to bother, to needle, to persecute, to torment)

molestare [molesto|molestato] (importunare) {v.t.}

I lived with an alcoholic father who beat me and molested me, and it was all inside that.

Mio padre era un alcolista che mi picchiava e mi molestava, ed era proprio dentro a quella vita.

(PL) Mr President, millions of women are beaten, molested, bought, sold, raped and killed only because they are women.

(PL) Signor Presidente, milioni di donne vengono picchiate, molestate, comprate, vendute, violentate e uccise solo perché sono donne.

I heard about women being molested in their beds, flogged in their burqas, left for dead in parking lots, acid burned in their kitchens.

Ho sentito di donne molestate nei loro letti, frustate nei loro burqa, lasciate morenti nei parcheggi, sfigurate dall'acido nello loro cucine.
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "to molest" in Italian

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Open borders favour not only business people but also child molesters.

L'apertura delle frontiere favorisce gli uomini d'affari, ma anche i molestatori di bambini.

♫ ♫ They say child molestation isn't funny -- ha, ha, ha, ha. ♫

Dicono che maltrattare i bambini non é divertente (Ah ah ah ah).

Women earn less than men doing the same jobs and, in addition, they are more likely to be molested.

Le donne guadagnano meno degli uomini a parità di lavoro e inoltre sono più esposte alle molestie.

There is your environmental problem solved, by the way, guys: All convicted child molesters have to drive a Porsche Cayenne.

Per la cronaca, ecco la soluzione ai nostri problemi ambientali: tutti i colpevoli di pedofilia devono guidare un Porsche Cayenne.

In the worst cases, pornography can act as an inciting or reinforcing agent, a kind of accomplice, in the behaviour of dangerous sex offenders - child molesters, rapists and killers.

Al peggio, la pornografia agirà come agente stimolante e rinforzante, una specie di complice indiretto, nei casi di aggressioni sessuali gravi e pericolose, sequestri ed assassinii.

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