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not much {adv.}

EN not much

not much
These resolutions had some, but not much, usefulness in practical terms.
Queste risoluzioni sono state abbastanza utili in termini pratici, ma non molto.
As far as the day of the week is concerned, not much. I am disappointed about that.
Per quanto riguarda il giorno della settimana, non molto, ed è proprio deludente.
You can imagine what will come of this - not very much.
Potete immaginare quale sarà il risultato - non molto consistente.

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EnglishThis was a much-needed, albeit unexpected final spurt, but a really welcome one.
Questo scatto di reni era necessario, sebbene non scontato, ma davvero salutare.
Englishhe's not much of a scholar
Englishhe takes too much for granted
Englishit doesn't take much understanding
EnglishI thought as much!
EnglishI guessed as much!
Englishto leave much to be desired
Englishto make much of sth
Englishmuch ado about nothing
Englishmuch good may it do him!
Englishmuch wants more
Englishnot so much X as Y
Englishnot to have much energy
Englishnot to have very much up top
Englishas much as possible