×Infinitive of : cache


cache: hoard · stash · lay away

gel: mousse · gelatin · colloidal gel

hassle: scuffle · tussle · dogfight

may: whitethorn · English hawthorn · Crataegus laevigata

must: mustiness · moldiness

reference: cite · consultation · denotation

sample: try · try out · taste

scurry: scamper · skitter · scuttle

sledge: sledgehammer · maul · sled

sneeze: sneezing · sternutation

snuggle: cuddle · nestle · nest

summarize: sum up · summarise · resume

will: bequeath · leave · volition

available: usable · useable · uncommitted

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Infinitive of : cache

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cache {noun}

cache {noun} (also: hiding place)

隠し場所 [かくしばしょ] {noun}

cache {noun}

gel {noun}

gel {noun}

ゲル {noun}

hassle {noun}

hassle {noun} (also: botheration)

面倒なこと [めんどうなこと] {noun}

may {verb}

may [might|might] {vb} (also: possibly, may be, might, perhaps)

かも知れません [かもしれません] {vb}
かも {vb} [abbr.]
かもしれん {vb} [coll.] [ex.]

may [might|might] {vb} (also: possibly, perhaps, may be, might)

かも知れない [かもしれない] {vb}

may {noun}

may {noun} (also: fifth month of the lunar calendar)

五月 [ごがつ] {noun}

may {noun}

5月 [ごがつ] {noun}


may (also: will)

must {verb}

must {vb} (also: should, ought to, have to do)

ねばならない {vb} [ex.]

must {vb} (also: should, ought to, have to do)

ねばならぬ {vb} [ex.]

must {vb} (also: ought to, should, have to do)


must (also: ought to, should, have to do)

なければならぬ [arch.] [ex.]

must (also: should, have to do)

ought {noun}

ought {noun}

義務 [ぎむ] (道徳的) {noun}

redecorate {verb}

模様替えをする [かいそうする::もようがえをする] {v.t.}
改装する [かいそうする::もようがえをする] {v.t.}

reference {noun}

reference {noun} (also: consultation, cross index)

参照 [さんしょう] {noun}

reference {noun} [ex.] (also: looking up)

検索 [けんさく] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: reference book, reference data)

参考資料 [さんこうしりょう] {noun}

reference {noun} [ex.]

言及 [げんきゅう] {noun}

reference {noun}

身元保証人 [みもとほしょうにん] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: being involved in a court case)

引合い [ひきあい] {noun}

reference {noun}

リファレンス [りふぁれんす]

reference {noun}

参考値 [さんこうち] (reference number) {noun}

reference {noun}

レファレンス [れふぁれんす] (カタカナ発音 写真などの撮影) {noun}

reference {noun}

参照すること [さんしょうすること] {noun}

reference {noun}

問い合わせ先 [といあわせさき] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: criterion, standard, yardstick, aim)

目安 [めやす] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: authority, source)

典拠 [てんきょ] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: letter of invitation)

推薦状 [すいせんじょう] {noun}

reference {noun}

身元照会先 [みもとしょうかいさき] {noun}

reference {noun}

照会先 [しょうかいさき] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: inquiry, enquiry)

照会 [しょうかい] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: consultation)

参考 [さんこう] {noun}

reference {noun} (also: works cited)

参考文献 [さんこうぶんけん] {noun}

sample {noun}

sample {noun}

サンプル {noun}

sample {noun} [ex.] (also: specimen)

試供品 [しきょうひん] {noun}

sample {noun} [ex.] (also: specimen)

検体 [けんたい] {noun}

sample {noun} (also: example, specimen)

標本 [ひょうほん] {noun}

sample {noun} (also: educe, abstract, extraction, selection)

抽出 [ちゅうしゅつ] {noun}

sample {noun} (also: model, miniature, pattern, specimen)

雛形 [ひながた] {noun}

sample {noun} (also: model, miniature, pattern, specimen)

雛型 [ひながた] {noun}

sample {noun} (also: test piece)

試料 [しりょう] {noun}

sample {noun} (also: model, pattern)

見本 [みほん] {noun}

scurry {noun}

scurry {noun} (also: fast pace)

急ぎ足 [いそぎあし] {noun}


sledge {noun}

sledge {noun} (also: hammer, mallet, gavel)

[つち] {noun}

sledge {noun}

sneeze {interjection}

sneeze {interj.} (also: atishoo!, achoo!)

ハクション {interj.}

sneeze {interj.} (also: atishoo!, achoo!)

sneeze {interj.} (also: achoo!, atishoo!)

sneeze {noun}

sneeze {noun}

[くさめ] {noun}

sneeze {noun}

くしゃみ {noun}

snuggle {noun}

snuggle {noun}

すり寄り [すりより] {noun}

summarize {noun}

summarize {noun}

to {preposition}

to {prp.}

至る [いたる] (~に至る)

to {prp.}

のほうへ {prp.}

to {noun}

to {noun} (also: before, ago, former, previous)

[せん] {noun}


to (also: regarding, concerning)

に取って [にとって]

will {noun}

will {noun} (also: intention, motive)

[こころざし] {noun}

will {noun} (also: attitude, manner)

態度 [たいど] {noun}

will {noun} (also: feeling, emotion)

情意 [じょうい] {noun}

will {noun} (also: note left behind)

書き置き [かきおき] {noun}

will {noun} (also: wish, aspiration, desire)

願望 [がんぼう] {noun}

will {noun} (also: intention)

意志 [いし] {noun}

will {noun} (also: desire)

意欲 [いよく] {noun}

will {noun} (also: testament)

遺言状 [ゆいごんじょう] {noun}

will {noun} [ex.] (also: thinking, instructions, purport, principle)

[し] {noun} [rare]


will (also: may)

available {adjective}

available {adj.}

通用する [つうようする] {adj.}

available {adj.}

使用可能 [しようかのう] {adj.}

available {adj.}

利用できる [りようできる] {adj.}


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