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EN battle Japanese translation

battle {noun}
to battle {vb}
battle {noun} [example]

EN battle

battle (also: army, campaign, fight, force)
[いくさ] {noun} [obs.]
battle (also: campaign, fight, war)
[いくさ] {noun}
battle (also: campaign, position, service, use)
[えき] {noun}
battle (also: war)
交戦 [こうせん] {noun}
battle (also: military campaign, war)
戦役 [せんえき] {noun}
バトル {noun}
battle (also: conflict, fight, struggle)
戦い [たたかい] {noun}
battle (also: engagement)
合戦 [かっせん] {noun} [rare]
battle (also: conflict, fight, struggle)
闘い [たたかい] {noun}
battle (also: game)
一戦 [いっせん] {noun}
battle (also: engagement, fight, combat)
戦闘 [せんとう] {noun}
forward edge of the battle area

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Englishtaking command of a corps in a battle
Englishto win every battle
Englishbattle array or formation
Englishforward edge of the battle area
Englishpersons who have fallen in battle
Englishreturn to the battle line
Englishmain battle tank
Englishissue of the battle
Englishsite of a bloody battle