battle {noun}
 · 攻防戦 · バトル · 一戦 · 交戦 · 合戦 ·  · 戦い · 戦闘 · 戦役 · 闘い ·

to battle {verb}

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battle: combat · struggle · conflict

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English-Japanese translation for "battle"


"battle" Japanese translation

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battle {noun}

battle {noun} (also: army, force, campaign, fight)

[いくさ] {noun} [obs.]

battle {noun} [ex.]

攻防戦 [こうぼうせん] {noun}

battle {noun}

バトル {noun}

battle {noun} (also: game)

一戦 [いっせん] {noun}

battle {noun} (also: war)

交戦 [こうせん] {noun}

battle {noun} (also: engagement)

合戦 [かっせん] {noun} [rare]

battle of Dannoura


battle of revenge


battle {noun} (also: war, campaign, fight)

[いくさ] {noun}

battle {noun} (also: fight, struggle, conflict)

戦い [たたかい] {noun}

Battle of Nagashino


battle {noun} (also: engagement, fight, combat)

戦闘 [せんとう] {noun}

forward edge of the battle area


main battle tank


battle {noun} (also: military campaign, war)

戦役 [せんえき] {noun}

battle {noun} (also: fight, struggle, conflict)

闘い [たたかい] {noun}

battle {noun} (also: part to play, war, campaign, use)

[えき] {noun}

to battle {verb}

to battle [battled|battled] {vb} (also: to fight, to combat, to struggle against, to wage war)

闘う [たたかう] {vb}


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