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"blunt" Japanese translation

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blunt [ex.] (also: point blank)

身も蓋も無い [みもふたもない] [ex.]

blunt {adjective}

blunt {adj.} (also: cold, short, curt)

素っ気ない [そっけない] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: cold, short, curt)

素っ気無い [そっけない] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: curt, cold, short)

素気ない [すげない] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: curt, cold, short)

素気無い [すげない] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: curt, brusque)

突っ慳貪 [つっけんどん] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: curt, brusque)

突慳貪 [つっけんどん] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: dull, slow, stupid)

[どん] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: frank, plain, outspoken, conspicuous)

露骨 [ろこつ] {adj.}

blunt {adj.} (also: brusque, curt)

ぶっきら棒 [ぶっきらぼう] {adj.}

blunt {adj.}

to blunt {verb}

to blunt [blunted|blunted] {vb} (also: to weaken)

鈍らす [にぶらす] {vb}


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