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English-Japanese translation for "to cultivate"


"to cultivate" Japanese translation

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to cultivate {verb}

to cultivate [cultivated|cultivated] {vb} (also: to grow)

生やす [はやす] {vb}

to cultivate [cultivated|cultivated] {vb} [ex.] (also: to order, to repair, to master, to study)

修める [おさめる] {vb}

to cultivate [cultivated|cultivated] {vb} (also: to fabricate, to establish, to make up, to trim)

作る [つくる] {vb}

to cultivate a good habit


to cultivate [cultivated|cultivated] {vb} (also: to rear, to maintain, to support)

養う [やしなう] {vb}
培う [つちかう] {vb}

to cultivate [cultivated|cultivated] {vb} (also: to make, to create, to manufacture, to draw up)

造る [つくる] {vb}
育む [はぐくむ] {v.t.}

to cultivate [cultivated|cultivated] {vb} (also: to make, to create, to manufacture, to draw up)

創る [つくる] {vb}

to cultivate [cultivated|cultivated] {v.t.} (also: to till)

耕す [たがやす] {vb}


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