English-Japanese translation for "dip"

EN dip Japanese translation

dip {noun}
to dip {vb}
dip {v.t.}

EN dip

dip (also: evening, ladle, last night, 0.033 meters square)
[しゃく] {noun}
傾差 [けいさ] {noun}
押し目 [おしめ] {noun}
dip (also: ladle, 0.033 meters square, 18 ml)
[しゃく] {noun}
dip (also: gradient, inclination, list, pitch)
傾斜 [けいしゃ] {noun}
浸す [ひたす] {noun}

Context sentences for "dip" in Japanese

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Englishto dip or scoop up
Englishto have a dip in the bath tub