English-Japanese translation for "exit"

EN exit Japanese translation

exit {noun}
exit {adj.}
to exit {vb}

EN exit

exit (also: authority, birthplace, origin, point of departure)
出所 [しゅっしょ] {noun}
出処 [しゅっしょ] {noun} (出口)
exit (also: gateway, outlet, vent, way out)
出口 [でぐち] {noun}
exit (also: leaving)
退場 [たいじょう] {noun}
exit (also: release from prison)
出どころ [でどころ] {noun}

Context sentences for "exit" in Japanese

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Englishexit involving a descent
Englishexit involving a descent
EnglishPlease exit out of Netscape Communicator in order to run Account Setup.
アカウント セットアップを起動するには、Netscape Communicator を終了させてください。
EnglishDo you want to Synchronize before you exit Communicator?
Communicator を終了する前に、同期を取りますか?
EnglishClose all windows and exit Netscape?
Netscape のすべてのウィンドウを閉じて終了してもよいですか?
EnglishNetscape Exit Confirmation
EnglishExit Communicator