insect {noun}
 · 昆虫 · 虫螻 · 虫けら

sect {noun}
宗派 · 分派 ·  · 教派 · 宗旨 · 一派 · 宗門 · セクト · 学派 · 末派

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insect: worm · louse · dirt ball

sect: religious sect · religious order · faction

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English-Japanese translation for "insect"


"insect" Japanese translation

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insect {noun}

insect {noun} (also: worm)

  [むし] {noun}

insect {noun} (also: bug)

  昆虫 [こんちゅう] {noun}

insect {noun} (also: worm)

  虫螻 [むしけら] {noun}

insect {noun} (also: worm)

  虫けら [むしけら] {noun}

sect {noun}

sect {noun} [rel.] [ex.] (also: denomination)

  宗派 [しゅうは] {noun} [rel.]

sect {noun} (also: denominations, branch, faction)

  分派 [ぶんぱ] {noun}

sect {noun} [rel.]

  [しゅう] {noun} [rel.]

sect {noun} (also: denomination)

  教派 [きょうは] {noun}

sect {noun} [rel.] (also: tenets of a religious sect)

  宗旨 [しゅうし] {noun} [rel.]

tenets of a religious sect


sect {noun} (also: school, party)

  一派 [いっぱ] {noun}

sect {noun} [rel.] (also: doctrine, creed)

  宗門 [しゅうもん] {noun} [rel.]

sect {noun}

  セクト {noun}

sect {noun} (also: school)

  学派 [がくは] {noun}

sect {noun} (also: underling)

  末派 [まっぱ] {noun}


Synonyms (English) for "insect":

Synonyms (English) for "sect":


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