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involvement {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: getting involved in)

  巻き添え [まきぞえ] {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: linkage, entanglement, relationship)

  絡み [からみ] {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: by-blow, getting involved in, getting mixed up in)

  巻添え [まきぞえ] {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: sitting together, the same theater, entanglement, implication)

  同座 [どうざ] {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: sitting together, entanglement, implication)

  同坐 [どうざ] {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: entanglement)

  纏綿 [てんめん] {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: complicity, implication)

  連累 [れんるい] {noun}

involvement {noun}

  含まれること [ふくまれること] {noun}

involvement {noun} (also: trouble, evil influence, implication)

  [るい] {noun}

to involve {verb}

to involve [involved|involved] {vb} (also: to be concerned with, to have to do with, to stick to, to influence)

  係る [かかる] {vb} [rare]

to involve [involved|involved] {vb} (also: to hold in one's arms)

  抱き込む [だきこむ] {vb}

to involve [involved|involved] {vb} (also: to enfold, to swallow up, to roll up, to drag into)

  巻き込む [まきこむ] {vb}


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Synonyms (English) for "involve":


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