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involvement {noun}

EN involvement

involvement (also: by-blow, getting involved in, getting mixed up in)
巻添え [まきぞえ] {noun}
involvement (also: getting involved in)
巻き添え [まきぞえ] {noun}
含まれること [ふくまれること] {noun}
involvement (also: entanglement)
纏綿 [てんめん] {noun}
involvement (also: entanglement, implication, sitting together)
同坐 [どうざ] {noun}
involvement (also: entanglement, implication, sitting together, the same theater)
同座 [どうざ] {noun}
involvement (also: entanglement, linkage, relationship)
絡み [からみ] {noun}
involvement (also: implication, trouble, evil influence)
[るい] {noun}
involvement (also: complicity, implication)
連累 [れんるい] {noun}

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Englishinvolvement of peer groups
Englishwinning sumo wrestler who remains ringside in case his involvement is needed in pre-bout rituals