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English-Japanese translation for "lunch"


"lunch" Japanese translation

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lunch {noun}

lunch {noun} (also: midday meal)

昼めし [ひるめし] {noun}

lunch {noun}

お昼ご飯 [おひるごはん] {noun}

lunch {noun}

昼ご飯 [ひるごはん] {noun}

lunch {noun} (also: midday meal)

昼餉 [ひるげ] {noun}

lunch {noun}

ランチ {noun}

lunch {noun} (also: midday meal)

昼飯 [ちゅうはん] {noun}

lunch {noun} (also: noon)

御昼 [おひる] {noun} [form.]

lunch {noun} (also: midday meal, tiffin)

昼食 [ちゅうしょく] {noun}

lunch {noun}

お昼 [おひる] {noun}

lunch {noun} (also: midday meal)

昼御飯 [ひるごはん] {noun}

lunch {noun} [ex.] (also: dinner)

午餐 [ごさん] {noun} [obs.]


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I would like to reserve an additional room, where lunch will be served after the meeting.


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