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"majority" Japanese translation

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majority {noun}

majority {noun} (also: the majority)

多数派 [たすうは] {noun}

majority {noun} (also: adult age)

成年 [せいねん] {noun}

majority {noun}

マジョリティ [まじょりてぃ] {noun}

majority {noun}

賛成多数 [さんせいたすう] {noun}

majority {noun} (also: perhaps, almost all)

大方 [おおかた] {noun}

majority {noun}

過半数 [かはんすう] {noun}

majority {noun} (also: most part)

大部分 [だいぶぶん] {noun}

majority {noun}

多数の [たすうの] {noun}

majority {noun} (also: mostly)

大半 [たいはん] {noun}

majority {adjective}

majority {adj.} (also: best)

major {adjective}

major {adj.} [ex.] (also: main, principal)

主たる [しゅたる] {adj.} [rare]

major {adj.} (also: important, momentous, essential, principal)

重要 [じゅうよう] {adj.}

major {adj.} (also: chief, main, principal)

主要 [しゅよう] {adj.}

major {adj.}

より大きい [よりおおきい] {adj.}

major {adj.}

メジャー {adj.}

major {adj.} (also: primary)

主要な [しゅような] {adj.}


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