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English-Japanese translation for "only"


"only" Japanese translation

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only {adjective}

only {adj.} (also: mere, just)

  本の [ほんの] {adj.}

only {adj.} (also: sole, usual, common, but)

  [ただ] {adj.}

only {adj.}

  唯一の [ゆいいつの] {adj.}

only {adj.} (also: little, merely)

  僅か [わずか] {adj.}

only {adj.} (also: merely, little, small quantity)

  纔か [わずか] {adj.}

only {adj.}

  たった {adj.}

only {adj.} (also: sole, unique)

  唯一 [ゆいいつ] {adj.}

one and only


one and only


one and only


only {adj.} (also: sole, mere, usual, common)

  [ただ] {adj.}

only {particle}

only {part.}

  しか {part.}

Can only delete mail folders.

メール フォルダを削除することしかできません。

only {part.} (also: just)

  [だけ] {part.}

only {adverb}

only {adv.} (also: just because)

  にして {adv.}

only {adv.} (also: simply, merely, solely)

  単に [たんに] {adv.}

only {adv.} [ex.] (also: nothing but, just, merely, approximately)

  許り [ばかり]

not only ... but


only this much


only {adv.} (also: absolutely, emphatic modifier)

  只只 [ただただ] {adv.}

only {adv.}

  だけ {adv.}

not only ... but also


only {adv.} (also: absolutely)

  只々 [ただただ] {adv.}

only {adv.} (also: merely, simply)

  啻に [ただに] {adv.}

only {adv.}

  ただ {adv.}

only {adv.} (also: absolutely, emphatic modifier)

  唯唯 [ただただ] {adv.}

only {adv.}

  のみ {adv.}

only the clothes one happens to wear


Our Accounts department will only release this order for shipment if we receive a copy of your cheque/transfer.


Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server

元のサーバに戻される cookie のみを受け付ける(O)

It is our company policy to invoice only in Euros.


No Sound (visual indication only)

サウンドなし (表示のみ)(N)

only {adv.} (also: absolutely, emphatic modifier)

  唯々 [ただただ] {adv.}

only {noun}

only {noun} (also: limits, end, bounds, period)

  切り [きり] {noun}

only {noun}

  オンリー {noun}

only {noun}

  オンリイ {noun}


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Communicator can only send a message to one news server at a time.

Communicator は、一度に複数のニュース サーバにメッセージを送ることはできません。

Note: a change to this setting will only take effect the next time you open a Messenger window.

注意: この設定は、次回 Messenger ウィンドウを開いた時から有効になります。

it is read-only or opened by someone else.

1 に書き込みできませんでした。読み込み専用か他のものによって開かれています。.

it is read-only or opened by someone else.

1 に書き込みできませんでした。読み込み専用か他のものによって開かれています。

Reply-to address(only needed if different from email address):

返信アドレス(R) (返信先を異なる電子メール アドレスにする場合):

The `Unsent Messages' folder is special; it is only for storing

`送信トレイ' フォルダは特別なフォルダです。あとで送信するメッセージ

The `Outbox' folder is special; it is only for storing

`送信トレイ' は特別なものです。 メッセージをあとで送信するため

Enter tag name and any attributes or parameters for one tag only:

タグごとに、タグの名前と属性またはパラメータを入力してください :

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