prize {noun}
珍重 · 賞与 · 賞品 · 賞金 · 褒美 ·  · 褒賞 · 秘蔵

to prize {verb}
重んじる · 貴ぶ · 尊ぶ

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prize: choice · prime · quality

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prize {noun}

prize {noun}

  珍重 [ちんちょう] {noun}

prize {noun} (also: reward, bonus)

  賞与 [しょうよ] {noun}

prize {} (also: trophy)

  賞品 [しょうひん] {noun}

prize {noun} (also: prize money, premium)

  賞金 [しょうきん] {noun}

to offer a prize


earned prize money king


prize {noun} (also: reward)

  褒美 [ほうび] {noun}

prize {noun} (also: premium, plume, award, accolade)

  [しょう] {noun}

prize {noun} (also: medal, reward)

  褒賞 [ほうしょう] {noun}

prize {noun} (also: treasure, treasured)

  秘蔵 [ひぞう] {noun}

to prize {verb}

to prize [prized|prized] {vb} (also: to respect, to honor, to honour, to esteem)

  重んじる [おもんじる] {vb}

to prize [prized|prized] {vb} (also: to value)

  貴ぶ [たっとぶ] {vb}

to prize [prized|prized] {vb} (also: to value, to esteem)

  尊ぶ [たっとぶ] {vb}


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