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English-Japanese translation for "to undress"


"to undress" Japanese translation

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to undress {verb}

undress {verb}

undress [undressed|undressed] {v.t.} (also: to take off)

脱ぐ [ぬぐ] {vb}
脱がせる [ぬがせる] {vb}

dress {noun}

dress {noun}

ドレス {noun}

plain dress for everyday wear


dress {noun} (also: costume, clothing)

衣装 [いしょう] {noun}

dress {noun} (also: outfit)

出で立ち [いでたち] {noun}

dress {noun} (also: outfit, appearance)

身形 [みなり] {noun}

dress {noun} (also: outfit, turnout, preparation, getup)

身仕度 [みじたく] {noun}

dress {noun}

dress {noun} (also: outfit, equipment, makeup, adornment)

装い [よそおい] {noun}

dress {noun} (also: appearance, look)

風体 [ふうたい] {noun}


Synonyms (English) for "undress":

Synonyms (English) for "dress":

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