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English-Polish translation for "hugs"


"hugs" Polish translation

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hugs {noun}

hugs {pl} (also: cuddles, grips)

uściski {f pl}


hugs (also: many hugs)

hug {noun}

hug {noun} (also: embrace, squeeze, grasp, holt)

uścisk {m}

hug {noun} (also: embrace)

hug {noun}

to hug {verb}

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to nestle)

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to embrace, to enfold, to begird, to encompass)

objąć {vb}

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to embrace, to hold, to enfold, to encompass)

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to cuddle, to snuggle, to take in, to embosom)

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to embrace)

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to embrace)

obłapiać {vb} [oldfsh.]

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to embrace)

obłapić {vb} [oldfsh.]

to hug [hugged|hugged] {vb} (also: to embrace)



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When I would see her as a little boy, she'd come up to me and she'd give me these hugs.

Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem, podchodziła do mnie i przytulała.

Eight hugs a day -- you'll be happier and the world will be a better place.

A więc proszę, mamy związek jednego z drugim.

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