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English-Polish translation for "pundit"


"pundit" Polish translation

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pundit {noun}

pundit {noun} (also: expert, troubleshooter)

ekspert {m}

pundit {noun}

spec {m} [humor.]

pundit {noun} [rel.]

pandit {m} [rel.]
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "pundit" in Polish

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And there was a lawyer in Nairobi, Ory Okolloh -- who some of you may know from her TEDTalk -- who began blogging about it on her site, Kenyan Pundit.

Prawniczka z Nairobi, Ory Okolloh, może oglądaliście jej TEDTalk, zaczęła o nich pisać na swoim blogu, Kenyan Pundit.

Fey demonstrated far more effectively than any political pundit the candidate's fundamental lack of seriousness, cementing an impression that the majority of the American public still holds today.

Fey lepiej niż znawcy polityki pokazała całkowity brak powagi kandydatki, ugruntowując wrażenie, jakie ma do dziś większość Amerykanów.

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