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English-Polish translation for "rattle"


"rattle" Polish translation

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rattle {noun}

rattle {noun} (also: knock, knocker, rapper)

rattle {noun} (also: knock, clop, tattoo, patter)

stukot {m}

rattle {noun} (also: clatter)

klekot {m}

rattle {noun}

But their day will come, and it will be into the courtyard for all of us to the rattle of rifle bolts, and we will have richly deserved it.

Ale ich dzień nadejdzie, a my będziemy mogli na podwórku bawić się grzechotką czy łukiem i strzałami, na co sami całkowicie sobie zasłużymy.

rattle {noun}

rattle {noun} (also: rumble, crock)

gruchot {m}

rattle {noun} (also: rumble)

turkot {m}

to rattle {verb}



to rattle [rattled|rattled] {vb} (also: to clatter, to burr, to whirr)

terkotać {vb}

to rattle [rattled|rattled] {vb} (also: to knock)

stukotać {vb}

to rattle [rattled|rattled] {vb} (also: to clack, to putter)

klekotać {vb}

Most of the cars that I drive, if I get up to 80 they start to rattle.

Większość moich samochodów przy 80-ce zaczyna klekotać.

to rattle [rattled|rattled] {vb} (also: to coo, to rumble, to curr)

gruchać {vb}

to rattle [rattled|rattled] {vb} (also: to rumble)

turkotać {vb}


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Usage examples for "rattle" in Polish

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It only rattles that expected pattern and unity of structural features.

Ona tylko psuje ten oczekiwany model i jedność cech strukturalnych.

And metaphor keeps the mind shaking, rattling and rolling, long after Elvis has left the building.

A metafora wstrząsa umysłem, skacze i kołacze, długo o tym jak Elvis opuścił budynek.

The noise of the whip, and the noise of the rattling of wheels, and prancing horses, and bounding chariots,

Tam będzie słyszane trzaskanie biczów, i grzmot kół, i tupanie koni, i skakanie wozów.

This is some effects that I did for "Wig, Rattle and Roll."

To efekty, które zrobiłem dla WIG, RATTLE AND ROLL.

We were a little bit rattled.

Byliśmy odrobinę zszokowani.

(Rattling) ~~~ OK?

(Dźwięk grzechotania)

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