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coil {noun}

coil {noun} (also: reel, bobbin)

bobina {f}

This is a 100,000-volt Tesla coil that I built in my bedroom, much to the dismay of my mother.

Isto é uma bobina de Testla de 100,:,000V que construí no meu quarto, para desespero da minha mãe.

Whenever current flows through the coil, this becomes an electromagnet.

Quando a corrente passa pela bobina, torna-se um electroíman.

Our patented vector-thrust coil gives the Zero-One Versatran...... the ability to sustain normal flight in the event of a multiengine failure.

A nossa bobina patentada fornece ao Zero-One Versatran a capacidade de suster voo normal numa eventual falha do motor.

coil {noun} (also: spiral, worm, donut)

rosca {f}

coil {noun} (also: spring)

mola {f}

to coil {verb}

to coil [coiled|coiled] {vb} (also: to collect, to gather, to pluck, to catch)



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Otherwise, we would not grow old, but would leave this mortal coil at the age of 15.

Caso contrário, não envelheceríamos, mas morreríamos aos 15 anos.

In the canal, which is just outside the restaurant, there is hundreds of meters of coil piping.

No canal, que fica fora do restaurante, há centenas de metros de canos em espiral.

He grappled at the net with the coiled, hurdling muscles of his thighs.

Se agarrava à rede com os músculos enroscados de suas coxas.

It was as though those tightly coiled wires in my head had been disconnected and I could think clearly.

Era como se aquele emaranhado de fios na minha cabeça se tivessem solto e eu pudesse pensar livremente.

I need you three... to shuffle her loose the mortal coil.

Preciso da vossa ajuda para ela deixar esta vida.

With just a simple tone control, ’50s-era Deluxe amps deliver crunchy clean sounds when used with single-coil pickups, and fat leads when driven with humbucking pickups.

With just a simple tone control, ’50s-era Deluxe amps deliver crunchy clean sounds when used with single-coil pickups, and fat leads when driven with humbucking pickups.

That means, however, that he will have to extricate himself from the coils of Gazprom and free himself from the Putin system; sadly, there is not the least indication of that.

Mas isso significa que terá de se desembaraçar das teias da Gazprom e de se libertar do sistema de Putin; infelizmente, não há a menor indicação de que isso aconteça.

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