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epic {adjective}

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épico {adj.}

Let us recall what happened with the Lisbon strategy; it was an epic failure.

Recordemos o que aconteceu com a Estratégia de Lisboa; foi um falhanço épico.

And we were in conversation about how nothing had changed since the time of the ancient Indian epic "The Mahabharata."

E estavamos a conversar sobre como nada tinha mudado deste o tempo do antigo épico indiano "Maabárata".

And I remembered a line from the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic: "What is the most wondrous thing in the world, Yudhisthira?"

E lembrei-me de uma deixa de Mahabharata, o grandioso épico indiaco: "Qual é a coisa mais maravilhosa do mundo, Yudhisthira?"

I mean, that was epic.

Quer dizer, aquilo foi épico.

Our generation is witnessing an epical shift in wealth and enterprise from Europe to Asia.

A nossa geração está a assistir a uma transferência épica da riqueza e das empresas da Europa para a Ásia.
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We have also already held epic debates on the labelling of alcoholic beverages.

Tivemos já discussões homéricas sobre a rotulagem de bebidas alcoólicas.

“It’s a very demanding and challenging show with an epic amount of footage—and not a lot of time to bring it all together.

“It’s a very demanding and challenging show with an epic amount of footage—and not a lot of time to bring it all together.

Collaboration fuels an epic disaster

A colaboração alimenta um desastre sem precedentes

WKBT Weathers Epic Storm with Avid

Media Composer 5 - Understanding Time-Warp Effects

WKBT Weathers Epic Storm with Avid

Media Composer 5 - Understanding Media Formats and The Format Tab

Who does not remember the epic discussions on the two wine reports by our honourable colleagues Mateo Sierra and Julio Fantuzzi?

Quem não se lembra dos célebres debates em torno dos dois relatórios dos nossos colegas Mateo Sierra e Julio Fantuzzi?

Mr President, Commissioner, it is fifteen years since the epic disaster at Chernobyl but the consequences are still being measured today.

Senhor Presidente, Senhora Comissária, passaram quinze anos desde a catástrofe bíblica ocorrida em Chernobil, cujas consequências ainda hoje medimos.

We have had and we will have in the future more epic debates on the question of knowing whether supplementary pensions must include mandatory cover for biometric risks.

Já tivemos e continuaremos a ter discussões sem fim sobre a questão de saber se as reformas complementares devem, obrigatoriamente, cobrir os riscos biométricos.

I am referring, as you did, to the compromise that was reached following epic debates, which is in Article 12 of the directive: paragraph 5, a crucial point of our resolution.

Faço aqui referência, tal como os senhores, ao compromisso obtido no termos dos debates homéricos e que figura no artigo 12º da directiva: trata-se do nº 5, ponto crucial da nossa resolução.

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