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English-Portuguese translation for "kale"


"kale" Portuguese translation

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kale {noun}

kale {noun} [gastro.] (also: cabbage, cole)

couve {f} [gastro.]

I want you to know that me, my brother and sister actually like eating baked kale chips.

Quero que sibam que eu, o meu irmão e a minha irmã gostamos realmente de comer snacks de folhas de couve feitos no forno.

kale {noun} [gastro.]

couve folha {f} [gastro.]
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "kale" in Portuguese

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I thought you would be encouraging us to eat oranges, lemons, bananas, curly kale and other health foods.

Julguei que nos fosse recomendar o consumo de laranjas, limões, bananas, couves ou outras substâncias saudáveis.

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