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English-Portuguese translation for "rapture"


"rapture" Portuguese translation

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rapture {noun}

rapture {noun} (also: delight, charm, appeal, spell)

encanto {m}

rapture {noun} (also: ecstasy, transport)

rapture {noun} (also: euphoria, exhilaration, euphory)

euforia {f}

rapture {noun} (also: ecstasy)

êxtase {m}

the rapture of the mystics

o êxtase dos místicos

rapture {noun}

arroubo {m}

rapture {noun} (also: delight)

enlevo {m}

to rapture {verb}

to rapture [raptured|raptured] {v.t.} (also: to overjoy, to reave)



Synonyms (English) for "rapture":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "rapture" in Portuguese

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It's just... people, gestures, moments, bits of rapture, fleeting emotions.

São apenas... pessoas, gestos, momentos, fragmentos de emoções, emoções evanescentes...

No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air.

Nenhum prazer, nenhum pecado, é mais requintado... que o sistema central.

The rapporteur goes into raptures about bringing the benefits of competition into the sector concerned.

O relator extasia-se perante a entrada dos benefícios da concorrência no sector em causa.

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