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rapture {noun}
to rapture {v.t.}

EN rapture

rapture (also: appeal, charm, delight, enchantment)
rapture (also: delight)
rapture (also: ecstasy, transport)
rapture (also: ecstasy)
the rapture of the mystics
It sends the public into raptures.
rapture (also: euphoria, euphory, exhilaration)

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EnglishIt's just... people, gestures, moments, bits of rapture, fleeting emotions.
São apenas... pessoas, gestos, momentos, fragmentos de emoções, emoções evanescentes...
EnglishNo pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air.
Nenhum prazer, nenhum pecado, é mais requintado... que o sistema central.