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to wander about (also: to be vacant, to drift, to become vacant, to meander)
to wander about (also: to knock about, to roam, to roam about, to vagabond)

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English(Laughter) And I wander about the hills, and I have found a few things.
(Risos) E ando pelos montes. E tenho encontrado algumas coisas.
EnglishBecause if that circle weren't there, and the floor was very even, it would start to wander about in the space.
Porque se aquele círculo não estivesse ali, e o chão fosse horizontal, este objecto começava a vaguear pelo espaço todo.
EnglishHe (the Lord) said, "Then, verily, this land is forbidden them for forty years; in bewilderment shall they wander about in the earth; so grieve not yourself for these sinful people.
Então (Deus) lhe disse: Está-lhes-á proibida a entrada (na terra Sagrada).