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"whisker" Portuguese translation

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whisker {noun}

whiskers {noun}

whiskers {pl} (also: moustache, mustache)

bigode {m}

whiskers {pl} (also: Swiss)

suíças {f pl}
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Synonyms (English) for "whisker":

Synonyms (English) for "whiskers":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "whisker" in Portuguese

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It came within a whisker - and we know this for certain, ladies and gentlemen - of failing.

Esteve muito perto da falência - quanto a isto, não há quaisquer dúvidas.

We feel impotent, concerned and extremely angry. The extent of our anger is a measure of the hope we felt last year when the Middle East was within a whisker of a peace agreement.

Furiosos, sim, uma cólera proporcional às nossas esperanças do ano passado; o Próximo Oriente esteve a dois passos de um acordo de paz.

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