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English-Romanian translation for "co-ordination"


"co-ordination" Romanian translation

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co-ordination {noun}

co-ordination {noun} (also: coordination)

The European Union and Mexico sign an agreement on economic partnership, political co-ordination and co-operation.

Uniunea Europeană şi Mexic semnează un acord de parteneriat economic, coordonare politică şi cooperare.

We need to have better co-ordination of economic policy but taxation policy must remain in the hands of Member States.

Avem nevoie de o coordonare mai bună a politicii economice, însă politica fiscală trebuie să rămână în continuare în sarcina statelor membre.

In order to achieve the Barcelona objectives, an open co-ordination method was applied, but measures for reaching the objective were left to the discretion of each Member State.

Pentru atingerea obiectivelor de la Barcelona, a fost aplicată o metodă deschisă de coordonare, dar măsurile pentru atingerea obiectivului au fost lăsate la discreţia fiecărui stat membru.
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It also adopts a resolution on economic policy co-ordination.

De asemenea, adoptă o rezoluţie privind coordonarea politică.

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