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"coaching" Romanian translation

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coaching {noun}

coaching {noun}

meditaţie (a unui elev) {f}

coach {noun}

coach {noun}

autocar {n}

coach {noun} (also: conveyance, carriage)

coach {noun} (also: trainer, pacer)

coach {noun}

caretă {f}

coach {noun} (also: (coachman's) seat, dicky, driving box)

coach {noun} (also: tutor)

preparator (meditator) {m}

coach {noun} (also: private tutor)

coach {noun} (also: private tutor)

to coach {verb}

to coach [coached|coached] {vb} (also: to prepare, to train)

to coach [coached|coached] {vb} (also: to do, to havein store, to cook, to be imminent/threatening)

to coach [coached|coached] {vb} (also: to ponder over, to prepare, to muse on/upon, to meditate on/upon)

a medita {vb}

to coach [coached|coached] {vb} (also: to train)

antrena {v.t.}


Synonyms (English) for "coaching":

Synonyms (English) for "coach":


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Thirdly, we are of the opinion that mentoring and coaching are absolutely essential in order for such a programme to succeed and be sustainable.

În al treilea rând, credem că instruirea şi consilierea sunt absolut esenţiale pentru ca un astfel de program să aibă succes şi să fie sustenabil.

As well as interest rate support, people who set up micro-enterprises will also receive support in the form of mentoring, training, coaching and capacity building.

La fel ca şi sprijinirea ratei dobânzii, persoanele care îşi înfiinţează microîntreprinderi vor primi sprijin şi sub forma asistenţei, formării, instruirii şi consolidarea capacităţii.

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