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English-Romanian translation for "drooped"


"drooped" Romanian translation

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drooped {adjective}

drooped {adj.} (also: withered, faded)

trecut (veștejit) {adj. m}

to droop {verb}

to droop [drooped|drooped] {vb} (also: to wilt, to dry, to enervate, to parch)

to droop [drooped|drooped] {vb} (also: to spraddle, to get out of shape, to flag, to bag)

to droop [drooped|drooped] {vb} (also: to stigmatize, to dry up)

to droop [drooped|drooped] {vb} (also: to desiccate, to air, to wipe dry, to hang out to dry)

a usca {vb}
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