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English-Romanian translation for "illegible"


"illegible" Romanian translation

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illegible {adjective}

illegible {adj.} (also: unreadable)

ilizibil {adj. m}

illegible {adj.}

hieroglific {adj. m}

illegible {adj.} (also: unreadable)

neciteț {adj. m}

legible {adjective}

legible {adj.}

citeţ {adj. m}

legible {adj.}

legible {adj.}

legible {adj.} (also: readable)

legible {adj.} (also: clear)

omenesc (citeț) {adj. m}

legible {adj.}

lizibil {adj. m}

The package leaflet must be unmistakable and legible.

Prospectul trebuie să fie clar și lizibil.

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Many consumers are just not aware that GM food is sold in Europe or simply fall into the trap of illegible labels and end up not knowing what they buy.

Mulţi consumatori pur şi simplu nu ştiu că în Europa se vând alimente modificate genetic sau doar cad în capcana etichetelor ilizibile şi nu ştiu ce anume cumpără.

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