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nickname {noun}

nickname {noun} (also: appellation)

nickname {noun} (also: surname)

nickname {noun} (also: byname)

to nickname {verb}

to nickname [nicknamed|nicknamed] {vb} (also: to name, to call)

a numi (a porecli) {vb}
a face (a porecli) {vb}

to nickname [nicknamed|nicknamed] {vb} (also: to dub, to surname)

a boteza (a porecli) {vb}


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The stark appearance of this concrete complex provokes the nickname ‘The new brutalism’.

Aspectul auster al acestui complex din beton i-a adus numele de „noul brutalism".

Choose additional options like sync mail frequency and nickname to use, and then tap Next.

Alegeți opțiuni suplimentare, cum ar fi frecvența de sincronizare a corespondenței și porecla de utilizat, apoi atingeți Următorul.

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