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English-Russian translation for "asshole"


"asshole" Russian translation

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asshole {noun}

asshole {noun} (also: booty, can)

задница [за́дница] {f}

asshole {noun} [Amer.] [pej.] (also: moron, arsehole)

мудак [муда́к] {m} [pej.]

asshole {noun} [Amer.] [vulg.] (also: arsehole)

жопа [жо́па] (как грубое прозвище) {f}
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Usage examples

Usage examples for "asshole" in Russian

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But I got emails from people that said, "Oh my God, your husband is such an asshole.

Но я получила письма от людей, которые говорили: «О Боже, твой муж такой кретин.

Which of course means "Criticism, Rejection, Assholes and Pressure."

Джо Краус говорит, Главная причина нашего успеха - настойчивость".

I'll get some asshole at a watering hole asking what brand the ice is.

Слова засранца в баре, интересующегося брендом льда.

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