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English-Russian translation for "bastard"


"bastard" Russian translation

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bastard {adjective}

bastard {adj.} (also: illegitimate, rose, misbegot, base-born)

незаконнорожденный [незаконнорожденный] {adj. m}

bastard {adj.} (also: irregular, outsize, substandard)

нестандартный [нестанда́ртный] {adj. m}

bastard {adj.} (also: extramarital, adulterine, extra-matrimonial, unlawful)

внебрачный [внебра́чный] {adj. m}

bastard {noun}

bastard {noun} [pej.]

ублюдок [ублю́док] {m} [pej.]

bastard {noun} (also: child born out of wedlock)

  побочный ребенок [побочный ребёнок] {m}


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Context sentences

Context sentences for "bastard" in Russian

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And eventually they had to freeze their organization into something called a bastardized thruscenium.

В конце концов, им пришлось остановиться на чем-то вроде «эстрадо-авансцены».

(Laughter) He was a cheerful bastard wasn't he? (Laughter)

(Смех) Он умел пошутить, не так ли? (Смех)

(Laughter) Have at it you radical bastards.

(Смех) Держите, радикальные негодяи.

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